Menya Sandaime – Japanese Ramen (Itaewon) *** / $

Went over to Menya Sandaime late Saturday night with a friend after our community group meeting, it was kinda late but nobody likes going home on an empty stomach so we decided to grab some ramen on the way home. I’ve been to this place before but forgot to take some photos and record anything haha so 2nd time for a little write up on some Ramen in the won.

Mokjah Food Blog - Menya Sandai2We started off with the Gyoza or Japanese dumplings (5,500w) these always have this light crispness to it, and the flavors inside are amazing. The meat and herbs all mounted up inside, the first bite is always the best. I could probably go through 3 rounds of these if I really wanted too lol but instead settled just for the one round since it was pretty late.

Mokjah Food Blog - Menya Sandai1I ordered the Karakuchi Ramen (7,500w) Tonkotsu broth soup and hot spices, served with pork chasyu, scallions, marinated egg, bean sprouts and bak choi. The broth was just the right of kick with spices, the pork was like butter melting in my mouth, I think next time i’ll get a double portion and the egg just topped off the whole meal. This bowl of ramen wasn’t too much but just the right amounts of everything, and for it’s price it’s definitely a winner in my books. A nice spot for ramen if your in the Itaewon area looking for a quick fix

Mokjah Food Blog - Menya SandaiMy friend ordered the Tonkotsu Ramen(7,000w)  which looks exactly the same lol but it just doesn’t have the same kinda kick as the one I chose, so basically if you can’t handle a little heat then this would be your pick. All in all this place is a nice spot for a ramen fix, cheap on the wallet, one thing to note though is that the place is pretty small and there’s usually a line. The turnover rate is pretty quick so you won’t be waiting for TOO LONG, hopefully!

They have a few other dishes available but since we went later in the evening they were only doing 4 types of Ramen ~ head on over and check em out for yourself, you wont be disappointed.

How to get there: Head over to Itaewon station head out exit 3, walk straight for about 3-5 minutes and it should be on your right keep an eye out for the signage and posters. Call them on 02-790-4129 if you have any questions



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