Tango Du Chat – Brunch (Hannam dong) *** / $$$

This particular weekend we were on a little mission to find somewhere to have brunch somewhere with a nice patio area that could reserve us a table, I was able to find a place called Tango Du Chat in Hannam Dong that would fit our needs perfectly. We were celebrating our friends birthday with a small group of people and had some high hopes for this place and it’s food. When we arrived the seating area was nice, the weather was perfect and we were ready to try the food. Here’s what they had on offer. 11160362_10152686732661809_379917872_n Since there were a few of us dining we decided to try and cover most of the menu so everyone could try a bit of everything. The price was a little on the expensive side, but taking into consideration it also included a drink it kind of worked out to be similar to other places around Itaewon. We Ordered the Tango Du Chat Pancakes, Eggs Benedict, Smoked Salmon Sandwich, French Toast and the Omlette. Tango Du Chat - Mokjah Food BlogFirst up were the Pancakes. while making our reservation we were told the pancakes would take the longest to make, and to be wary when ordering, strange but yes that’s what we were told. With that in mind I thought to myself, they must be some really good pancakes! LOL and YES they were, they were AMAZINGLY GOOD, and definitely worth the way. The pancakes were super thick but light and fluffy inside, and had that kinda melt in your mouth sensation when chewing. The berries gave it a nice tang and went well with the Mascarpone cream served on top of the pancakes. The pancake was a meringe pancake that I would order over and over again if I had the chance haha as you can see I rated these quite high. Tango Du Chat - Mokjah Food Blog2The eggs benedict came with two different types, the prosciutto benedict and the smoked salmon. The egg was cooked perfectly, and bursted open with goey goodness when sliced. the salmon tasted fresh and not like those half frozen ones you get sometimes. The flavors were all there and worked really well, every piece of this was delicious. Not to mention the lil side potato wedges were full of flavour, I could have ordered a whole basket of them if It was possible lol. Served with a side salad, not the largest meal but enough to leave you content, if your sharing. Tango Du Chat - Mokjah Food Blog3 Tango Du Chat - Mokjah Food Blog5 Tango Du Chat - Mokjah Food Blog1 Overall everyone seemed to enjoy their meals. The French Toast was okay, wouldn’t say it’s the best I’ve had but if you love your french toast then yeah its sufficient lol, not the most so would definitely need to share with someone else. Everyone agreed that everything that included salmon in their dish was delicious, it’s always good to eat some really fresh salmon, because you can definitely tell the difference when your salmon is fresh compared to when it isn’t. I think I missed out on trying some of the other dishes, but overall everyone was satisfied with what they ordered and money well spent. 11146149_10152686845736809_325207046_n Didn’t get too many photos of the actual place, my badd haha sometimes I forget, but it was nice outside, they also had these comfy leather chairs to sit and relax in some more if you had finished eating and wanted to laze around some more. The service was all good, the server spoke English well and was able to communicate everything well, and the chef came out later to check if everything was fine. If your in the mood for some good food, a nice patio and some really really good pancakes definitely head over to Tango Du Chat and check them out ~ Direction: From Itaewon, Exit 3, walk straight until you get to the Cheil 3-way intersection, turn right but not where the church is but the street next to it, walk down that direction it looks like a dead end but you will see a set of stairs, continue down there and it will be on your right. For more info give them a call on 82 2 793 5912


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