Tasting Room “Miki Creole” – Cajun Fusion (Itaewon) *** / $$$

After our brunch for our friends birthday we walked around the Hangangjin side of Itaewon, a friend of mine had mentioned a restaurant that she really enjoyed and insisted we checked it out. Not one to turn down a food adventure we went on over to the Tasting Room by Miki Creole they specialized in Cajun style food. I had never really been that far down that side of Itaewon but there were actually a lot of restaurants this side of Itaewon, will have to make my way over there more often. Anyways here’s what was on the menu



Since we had just finished brunch not long before, and after our little stroll we decided on a few sweet dishes. They have a lot on offer and if I could have fit any more food in my belly I would have gladly ordered something else. Anyways here’s what we ordered 

Tasting room Miki Creole - Mokjah Food Blog4

We started with the sea salt and caramel pop corn ice cream (13,800w). This beastly looking tower came out and man did it make me drool or what. I love me some caramel so this thing definitely hit the spot. The sea salt made for a nice sweet and savoury mix, I remember back in New Zealand I use to eat my pop corn with ice cream at the movie theatre. It lasted long enough to eat without melting, and we polished every last piece off, I would definitely recommend ordering one of these when you visit. 

Tasting room Miki Creole - Mokjah Food Blog2

Next out was the Grilled Melon with Prosciutto doused in Maple syrup (19,800w) so the dish came out with the syrup separate, the pan is still hot, and when they serve it they pour the syrup over the melon and onto the hot plate, that’s what all the bubbles are. It was a nice mix, the melon was juicy and sweet, and the prosciutto was tasty. I think next time though I would try it without dousing it in syrup and try it like that, otherwise it was a nice dish, not sure if i would ordered this one again though, just because of personal preferences. 

Tasting room Miki Creole - Mokjah Food Blog3Lastly was the beignet basket (6,600w), it was my first time trying these and I heard they are quite famous in a certain part of America, my memory doesn’t serve me too well haha but ohwell doesn’t matter ahahha These weren’t too sweet although the batter of the dough tasted like the hot oil it was cooked in throughout, I thought the taste would begin to change but it didn’t and so and made it taste super deep fried and oily. Think I would hold off on these next time, unless oil and deep fried sugar is your thing! 

Tasting room Miki Creole - Mokjah Food Blog1

All in all the food was good, I would definitely like to head back there to try some of there other dishes on the menu, the seating arrangement is nice, the interior was easy on the eyes, and enough seating for 2 floors, although it seems to be a hit in the neighbourhood, there was a small line when we arrived. Be sure to head on over and check out this place with some friends, definitely get the pop corn ice cream with caramel and sea salt! It was a winner. 

Tasting room Miki Creole - Mokjah Food Blog.5jpg
The front view of the building and my company for the day ~

Directions: Take the subway to Hangangjin Station and head out Exit 1 walk for about 15mins and take your second right, head down that road and look to your left and you should see the building above. For more info check out naver maps here http://prt.map.naver.com/mashupmap/print?key=p1354501222552_817865965 or check out their website here for more info http://www.tastingroom.co.kr/


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