Kinders “American Grill BBQ” (Itaewon) ** / $$

The usual Sunday afternoon after church, we were on our way to eat somewhere in the Won, some friends had eaten at Kinders BBQ the weekend before and recommended it, also because of the ample amount of seating they have downstairs. So we went on over, and got seated with our group of about 12 people, they were nice enough to join some tables together and got us seated after about a 5 minute wait. Here’s what’s on the menu at Kinders

2015-03-29 18.19.07

They have quite a few things on the menu, I had a big lunch before church started so I wasn’t too hungry, I wanted to eat the bbq platter here but couldn’t fit a huge meal in on this sitting. So yeah decided to get a burger and my friend next to me got one too and we went halves. 

Kinders BBQ - Mokjah Food Blog

I ordered the Kinders burger (11,900w) which is there signature burger there, the burger was quite a decent size, and as you can see the meat was still slightly pink on the inside which is how I like my meat. A Pretty standard burger, meat was crumbled a little, but was fine overall, would I order this burger again? possibly, but would probably try something else next time

Kinders BBQ - Mokjah Food Blog1

This beast of a Burger was the Volcano Burger  (12,900w) This burger had a kick with the meat being seasoned or cooked with some nice spices and topped with some chilli (ground beef) over the top. Made for a really tasty burger, the patty on this one held much better than the other burger, It’s a fairly simple burger but done well. Tastier than the Kinder burger so would probably recommend this one over the other. All burgers are served with a small amount of fries on the side. 

Kinders BBQ - Mokjah Food Blog2 Kinders BBQ - Mokjah Food Blog3

My friends ordered the Volcano French Fries (7,900w) Ground beef mixed in with American Cheese, who doesn’t like Cheese meat and chips, these were well worth the price tag, and good if you want to top off your meal with some extra fries to share. The Kinders Fried (8,900w) a mixed bag of deep fried spam, battered green peppers and some french fries. The spam was different but spam is spam haha that deep fried green peppers were okay, but I would definitely choose the deep fried stuff peppers from Hanchu in sinsa lol. 

Overall not a bad meal at all, the burgers were okay pretty standard in the area, but possible a few better options around than this place, I definitely want to go back and try the BBQ platter there, but will have to wait for another time, Head on over and check it out if your in the area and are short on other options.

**Update** Went again over the weekend, Kinder burger still a favourite among friends, I went for the Steak Salad (15,000w) nothing amazing, Steak was under seasoned and the salad, was really basic, could definitely just make your own at home. 

How to get there: Head out exit 4 of Itaewon station and walk straight down towards the end, you should see McDs on the opposite side and walk past a KEB bank, take the small hill that leans up to the right and you should see Kinders BBQ on your left. It’s downstairs so keep an eye out the entrance 



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