Pong Dang Craft Beer Co (Sinsa) *** / $$

After a dinner outing with friends, we decided to check out Pong Dang Craft Beer since we were in the area, I had seen this place on instragram through a Seoul Blogger “SeoulFoodie” always down for a good brew or two we went on over to check it out 

Pong Dang Craft Beer Co - Mokjah Food Blog 4
PC: John Y.S Kim check out his insta: @Thinkj2

Pong Dang Craft Beer Co - Mokjah Food Blog 1

A nice cosy atmosphere with a lot of seating, but it was a Friday night and around the hour people finish their dinners and head somewhere for a drink, so when we arrived we posted up at the bar until there were seats available. The place itself has a really nice set up, bottled beers on the counter top, and a wide range of craft beers locally brewed and internationally brewed. the costs of beers ranged from about 6,000w up to around 12/15,000w. So not a bad price range, I’m sure they have something to suit everyones needs. The bartenders helped us pick out a few and had a lot of information on each brew, and was able to help us single out a few to try according to preference. 

Pong Dang Craft Beer Co - Mokjah Food BlogMy choice was a darker option, not too heavy and had a coffee finish, sorry I forgot to take a pic of all the beers on offer but hey all you need to know is that they have a good range of brews here and I’m sure you’ll definitely find something you like. They also sell rum and Whiskey for those non beer drinkers so they have something for everyone. You can order food here too small dishes on offer, but we were still to full from dinner so decided to skip out. 

Pong Dang Craft Beer Co - Mokjah Food Blog 3 What makes this place cool is it has some old school arcade games, STREET FIGHTER!!!! lol the old school one, I was pretty happy to see this here, haha aswell as Tekken and a few shooters, something to keep you busy in between beers. The games are 100w so cheap! 

Pong Dang Craft Beer Co - Mokjah Food Blog 2A nice lil spot to check out after a meal or if your looking for something to drink that’s not hite or cass in a nice environment, some games on the side and just take good company and you’ll be fine! Thanks to my friends here for going on some lil adventures with me, definitely keen to do it again soon! So if your in the area and in the mood for a brew or two, be sure to head over to Pong Dang Craft Brewery, you won’t be disappointed. 

Directions: Head on over to Sinsa Station head out either exits 6 7 or 8 and follow the map below or for more information check out their website http://www.pongdangsplash.com/

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