Little India Seoul – Indian cuisine (Itaewon) *** / $$

Mokjah Food Blog - Little India Seoul
PC: Terry Kim

Little India Seoul – The best Indian I’ve had in Korea without a doubt!!! I can’t believe I haven’t written about it yet, probably because I’m trying to keep it a secret so it doesn’t get the Churros kinda line when I go there. Anyways haha time to review about the no.1 spot for Indian food, the top picture is of the outside of Little India Seoul, it has a nice ambience, a decent amount of space for groups and the staff there are incredibly friendly. 

Mokjah Food Blog - Little India Seoul 7
PC: Terry Kim

Little India Seoul have a lot of curries on offer, they do chicken, lamb and vegetable curries, and have a wide range including your favourites butter chicken, chicken vindaloo to name some. The prices range from about 10,000w – 14,000w and you can order Nan on the side. The curries always come out rich in flavour and with enough meat there to keep you happy. The taste is pretty authentic, according to me haha jokes, according to a friend of mine who has travelled to India multiple times and was the person who brought us here the very first time. 

Mokjah Food Blog - Little India Seoul 3

My Favourite Curry that I usually order here is the Spinach and Lamb curry, I love lamb being from New Zealand and all, and just the fact that you can’t really get lamb here in Korea to frequently. This dish has a thick blend of spices, lamb, and spinach, and just goes down so well, I have to stop myself from ordering another one sometimes, My person favourite! 

Mokjah Food Blog - Little India Seoul 6
PC: Terry Kim

You can order plain, garlic or butter nan, rice as a side to go with the curry, and if your in a large enough group you might just get some service on the side to finish up that last bit of curry in your bowl. The nan bread always comes out with about 3 pieces enough to share, or if your super hungry enough to keep you going, but it’s that good that you might just order another round of curry and nan lol 

Mokjah Food Blog - Little India Seoul 1
PC: Terry Kim

Mokjah Food Blog - Little India Seoul 2

They also have the Tandoori Chicken on the menu, as a small side to your meal or you can get the full on Chicken tandoori set, which consist of a range of differently spiced chicken, me personally, would probably get this to share, as it is a bit much of the chicken for one person. The chicken itself though was super tender and smelt amazing as it was set down on the table, still hungry? make sure to order this to finish up with your meal ~

As you can probably tell I really enjoy eating here, the food is spot on, they have a wide range of curries on offer, as well as some tandoori chicken. The price is worth it, the staff are always a good bunch of people, and did I mention the food is good too, lol be sure to check out Little India Seoul whenever you craving some Indian food 

Directions: Head out Exit 3 and walk straight, take your first right which should be where Jesters pies is, head up the hill past both foreign food marts at the top of the hill take a left and walk for about 2 minutes, little india seoul will be on your left opposite the Mosque 



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