Din Tai Fung – Soup Dumplings (Gangnam) *** / $$$

818269_image2_1Soup Dumplings!!!! Din Tai Fung, after coming back from an amazing church wide retreat we were ready to fill our bellies with some delicious food, cafeteria food from retreat was beginning to feel like school lunches all over again haha so we gathered a group of people who were all thinking the same thing, and it was suggested that we should head over to Din Tai Fung in Gangnam for dinner 

We set off on our way. it’s nicely located really close to the subway station so not a far walk at all, we went in and dropped our bags and got seated right away, we split into two groups of 5 and ordered family style to share, I’ll start with what we ordered and put up some pics of whats on the menu towards the end of the post ~ 

Mokjah Food Blog - Din Tai Fung Korea 4

We ordered the original Xialaongbao set (9,900w) for 10, these small dumplings filled with so much soupy goodness always go down well, everyone eats their soup dumplings different, I like to lay mine to rest in side sauces bite a hole in the top and add some ginger to it. Mmmmm getting hungry again haha but yes these are delicious and definitely a MUST get when visiting Din Tai Fung.

Mokjah Food Blog - Din Tai Fung Korea 2

We ordered 3 different types of Dumplings, the Xialaongbaos, the Crab meat Xialaongbaos (15,000w) for 10 and the Pine mushrooms Xialaongbaos (18,000w) for 10. My favourite out of the 3 sets would still be the original Xialaongbao, the taste is just bursting with flavour I think I could demolish a set of 10 to myself no doubt lol. 

Mokjah Food Blog - Din Tai Fung Korea

Mokjah Food Blog - Din Tai Fung Korea 1Next up were the Steamed Glutinous Rice & Pork Shaomai Dumplings (11,000w for 10) and the Steamed shrimp & Pork Shaomai (14,000w for 10). These came out like little money bags of goodness! My favourite of the two were definitely the pork and shrimp, the flavours just worked so well together, not to mention the little shrimp at the top. Also the Glutinous rice and pork just tasted like rice…..haha so not really my choice of dumpling, would probably just get a double portion of the steamed shrimp and pork next time. 

Mokjah Food Blog - Din Tai Fung Korea 5

We ended the meal with fried rice with eggs, shrimps & shredded pork (13,000w) nothing special just your fried rice I’m sure you would get at the local chinese take aways haha I’m sure it would go with what your eating but ours came right at the end haha maybe we were supposed to order stuff to eat with the fried rice, but ohwell, wasn’t too concerned just ate it anyway. 

Overall we had 3 different types of Xialaongbao dumplings, and 2 variations of the pork Shaomai dumplings, and some fried rice, split between 6 people worked out to be 13,000w each, you could definitely order more food and split it accordingly, but I think it was enough for me at the time, any other time would probably need a few more dishes and maybe get more of the original dishes, was sampling more this time round. A nice dinner option if you don’t mind spending a bit more money on some amazing soup dumplings. I wanna come back next time and try the other dishes on the menu! here’s some of them below, for the rest you can check out their website, it’s in Korean but pretty easy to navigate through http://www.dintaifung.co.kr/

 11348977_10152756624531809_1002395994_n 11291967_10152756624446809_1623937380_n 11272293_10152756624461809_642595879_n 11225626_10152756624541809_934325876_n 11272187_10152756624421809_1036688132_n


Directions: Gangnam Station exit 9 walk straight and take your 2nd right, head straight down and it will be on your right. You can’t miss it. 

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