The Left Coast – Brunch (Itaewon) *** / $$

Looking for somewhere to eat brunch in Itaewon, here’s a pretty solid option for yah! The Left Coast burger joint is now open at an earlier time for brunch over the weekends. They open at 11:30am, a few friends and I decided to head over to check out their brunch menu and let me say it didn’t disappoint AT ALL! Lets get started on what we ordered. 

Mokjah food blog - The Left Coast Brunch
PC: Michelle K

I ordered the Breakfast sandwich (11,000w) which included fried egg, american cheese, smashed tatter tots. tomato, lettuce, avocado, LC hot sauce, mayo served with Left Coast seasoned potatoes. Now that is a lot for one sandwich, but man was it one solid mash of good food all under one bun, the mashed tatters did it for me, that along side the avocado made it even better, I actually just realized now that it didn’t have any meat! hahahaha AWESOME! not the biggest sandwich but definitely tasty! would recommend this if your gonna split something with someone else ~ Mokjah food blog - The Left Coast BrunchMokjah food blog - The Left Coast Brunch 1So me and my girlfriend split the Breakfast Sandwich and a Mac and Cheese (8,000w?) lol sorry can’t find the pic of the menu I took haha. But anyways yeah this mac and cheese was super delicious, the big pasta shells was the difference, I remember my first mac and cheese was oven baked with huge pasta shells and man it’s always been the bench mark of my mac and cheese standards. The sauce on top was Sriracha haha a condiment for all kinda things just to kick it up that extra notch.  Mokjah food blog - The Left Coast Brunch 5Mokjah food blog - The Left Coast Brunch 4PC goes to my friend Emily T for the awesome pics of her breakfast burrito (12,000w) filled with house made chorizo, eggs, tator tots, pepper jack cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo served with the Left Coast season potatoes. This burrito was huge and well worth the 12,000w not only that but the burrito itself was packed with flavour a pretty hearty breakfast option. Lucky for me my friend got full and I was able to demolish the rest of hers with the Sriracha sauce on the table. I’d order this one if your more on the hungry side because it’s pretty filling.

Mokjah food blog - The Left Coast Brunch 3

Mokjah food blog - The Left Coast Brunch 8

They also have drinks available, my friend ordered the ginger lemonade, and the iced coffee, she just added some milk to make it fancy, haha it is a nice picture though. Anyways so that was the LC breakfast, we didn’t get to try everything on the menu but there’s always next time right! haha be sure to head on over to The Left Coast to check out what they’re serving for brunch. Mokjah food blog - The Left Coast Brunch 7 Mokjah food blog - The Left Coast Brunch 6As you can see there’s quite a lot of seating but if your heading over with a big group it pays to call ahead of time and make a reservation, just in case the morning you go it’s super busy and you MISS OUT 😦 lol don’t let it happen. Make a reservation and head on over to check it out! You won’t be disappointed. 

How to get there: Take a train to Itaewon Station (Line 6) and walk out of exit 4, turn back on yourself and take the road on your left (the street where Taco Bell is) and walk straight. Keep walking on the same side 5min, Left Coast is on the right on the second floor.  If you want to make a reservation call 02-6223-5338 or check out their facebook page for details

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