Volstead – Mexican (Itaewon) *** / $$

Wow, it’s been a long time since my last entry, been busy travelling to America and eating anything and everything I could while over there. Anyway back onto what’s important, food blogging lol. I actually had forgotten that I hadn’t blogged about this place after eating there, but Volstead was a place I had on my list for awhile, another Mexican food spot on the block never hurt right, well we’ll only if it’s good right? haha Anyway lets get down to business….

Mokjah Food Blog - Volstead 3 Mokjah Food Blog - Volstead 4

The place itself is on the basement floor of a building, pretty much under bulldogs restaurant and bar, the place has a basement feel to it, haha not saying that’s a bad thing, but the decor is nice, with a nice long bar area and enough tables for a small crowd. We got seated and took a look over the menu! Unfortunately for us a big group came in just before us and had cleaned them out of at least half their menu, but since I’m so lazy, we took a seat and decided to order anyway! 

Mokjah Food Blog - Volstead

Above is the Carnitas Burrito (12,000w) so when it came out, it was actually quite big in size, a solid meaty burrito, packed with meat and rice and everything good. The taste of this burrito was jam packed with flavour, one of the tastiest burritos I’ve had in the Itaewon area. It was packed to the brim with filling, i’d definitely order this one again in a heart beat. 

Mokjah Food Blog - Volstead 1

I ordered the taco bowl, with that glorious magnificent looking egg on top, oozing out when I forked through the yolk and out onto the salad.It’s topped with a house made garlic vinaigrette and topped with parmesan cheese.  Not one to order salads, I was surprised with the taco bowl, It was a nice decent size  had a good serving of guacamole on it! I love avo lol So this definitely went down a treat, I ate half of my girlfriends burrito so could be a reason I got super full aswell! 

Mokjah Food Blog - Volstead 2

I forgot what this was but I think it was a chicken Enchilada, lol my friend ordered it, covered in everything, it looked like a hot mess but the taste was nothing to let slip by, everything on this plate tasted delicious, and it was huge, probably enough to family style it and share it up between others. 

So all in all, I would definitely head over to Volstead again, I’m kinda sad they’re not open on Sundays because we always like finding somewhere to eat after service, anyway be sure to check it out, the co-owner is super friendly, informative and willing to cater to your needs if reasonable lol don’t sleep on this place! Happy Eating people! 


By subway head on over to Itaewon station and head out exit 3 – make a u-turn and head back past Taco bell, keep walking straight for about 2mins, and it will be on your left side down stairs, under bulldogs bar.




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