Hoya Sushi – (Konkuk University) *** / $$

mokjah food blog - Hoya Sushi 4FOR ALL THE SALMON LOVERS OUT THERE, this place is a must in Seoul ~ like many other things, this was on my list of places to visit ! I did eventually but didn’t write about it till now, been busy haha but Anyway finding good sushi in Seoul can be a little mission, luckily we found a spot that did everything just right! The winner here, Definitely the Salmon sushi! To the food…! 

mokjah food blog - Hoya Sushi 1To start off the meal they brought out the side dishes and some miso soup, the side dishes included some deep fried prawn heads, soya sauce prawns and some salmon bones that were really good, a bit difficult to eat but once you get your hands on it and eat it off the bones EASY! they also had some side salads with dressing and at the end bought out a big bowl of seafood soup with glass noodles in it! Some solid sides for the meal to come…

mokjah food blog - Hoya Sushi 2This was the  (특호야 Teok Hoya) platter which was about 14,000w which had a mixture of seafood ontop of rice, some salmon,tuna, halibut  fish, octopus squid and eel ~ everything tasted so fresh and the servings were generous. We grabbed a piece each and also ended up ordering another round of this since it was really good. The Salmon for me is always the star of the show, haha can’t get enough of it

mokjah food blog - Hoya Sushi 3.jpgThe star of the show, the apple of my eye…hahaha jokes, this right here was the Salmon dish of all Salmon dishes haha it has 4 different cuts of salmon with different quality of marble on each type of cut. One of them was super fatty and just melted in your mouth like butter, another had a bit tougher feel to it but still went down well, and one of them was super fishy, not sure which that part of the salmon was lol but all I know is that the super buttery one was AMAZING! We also ordered another round of this dish too (22,000w) I think this was, either way it’s definitely worth the money! 

mokjah food blog - Hoya SushiAnother salmon dish we ordered was covered in Onions that were possibly pickled can’t remember the taste just remember being happy eating it, with a kinda of mayo vinegar sauce on the top, the salmon on this one I think may have possibly been the melt in your mouth butter salmon mentioned in the pic above! This was a treat, and I’m sure by now you can tell I love Salmon haha.

mokjah food blog - Hoya Sushi 5To give you an idea we had all this on our table, then ordered another round of everything we ordered ~ we ordered doubles of each main dish, and then topped it all off with the big soup they gave us in the end! There was 5 of us dining here, the place is kind of small and you definitely need to make a reservation before going, unless you a couple they might be able to squeeze you in somewhere!! Be prepared for some AMAZING salmon and sushi as well as everything else there, it’s ALL GOOD!!! haha Happy Eating People! 

Phone Number: 02.461.3739, 010.3759.8439

Directions : click to enlarge



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