Podam Dimsum (Gyeongbuk Station) ** / $$

mokjah food blog - Podam Dimsum

Whats up happy eaters and hungry people a like lol back again with another place to check out if your in the mood for some dumplings and noodle soup. This place Podam, is aroung Gyeongbuk palace, the area is actually really nice as it was my first time in the area i was surprised. My girlfriend was leading the way this time, she found this place while she was walking around in the area, it’s pretty easy to find, i’ll throw the directions in at the bottom. Anyway back to the food, the only thing we really care about right lolmokjah food blog - Podam Dimsum 1The place is quite small not to many tables, they have these small ones along the wall for couples, and maybe 2 bigger tables for groups of maybe 5-6 people max I’d say, so don’t go with too many people or you’ll have to split up. Looking over the menu they do a few different dimsums, rice dishes, noodles and mains. Me and my girlfriend decided to go light and grab a dimsum and a noodle dish for dinner. We also added on a Hong Kong Ice tea. 

mokjah food blog - Podam Dimsum 2mokjah food blog - Podam Dimsum 3We got seated and out came the small side dishes a few pickled thangs lol and a dipping sauce for the dumplings, think it was soy vinegar and some ginger in it all. We also got the Hong Kong Ice Tea (4,000w) which was light and refreshing, kinda reminded me of the teas in Taiwan. Miss those T_T errr ohwell onto the food 

mokjah food blog - Podam Dimsum 4

mokjah food blog - Podam Dimsum 6We ordered the PODAM xialongbaos (6,000w) for 5 – these came out steaming and smelling amazing, soup dumplings are always good and everyone eats them their own way. I like to bite off the top, sit it in the vinegar and throw some ginger on the inside and then eat it all at once in one bite, just make sure you give it a few blows before eating in case the soup burns your mouth inside lololol yeah beware, the soup was flavourful and the meat inside melted like butter! I could probably eat 3 or 4 rounds of these alone! But I shared haha considering the price, it’s on the more expensive side I’d say, maybe you disagree? Oh well if I was a pint sized eater I’d agree haha yeahmokjah food blog - Podam Dimsum 5Next up was the Beef Noodles (7,000w) noodles have never really been my thing, although I do enjoy some types of noodles, I usually go in on the broth and the veges, lol this Broth was really hearty, and had a good meaty base haha my favourite, the noodles though were the doughy kind, a bit thick, so not really my favourite, but my girlfriend enjoyed them, she ate most of it lol 

Overall the place is nice and cozy, definitely need to try a main next time to maybe fill myself up, the price was so-so would need to spend a little more to get full I think, dumplings were good definitely need to go back to try some of the other ones, but not if im on a budget haha. So if your around and in the mood for some dumplings and noodle soup be sure to check out Podam around Gyeongbuk Station. Happy Eating people

Directions:  Take the subway to Gyeongbuk Station on the orange line, and head out exit 2, you should walk for about 5min or so and then turn left onto the street shown in the map. Podam will be on your left next to a Lobster bar/restaurant. You won’t miss it! keep an eye out for the glowing neon sign! 



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