The Little Pie – Meat Pies (Kyungridang) *** / $

mokjah food blog - the little pieGreetings food lovers, back again with another post, this time i’ll be covering MEAT PIES! YES meat pies, finally a place has opened up in the local area (Itaewon) that is serving up some good ol fashioned meat pies. Among the many new restaurants opening in the area “The Little Pie” is one of the many contenders fighting to survive amongst the ever growing food frenzy of restaurants in the area. Spotted while walking through the area The Little Pie is a nice sized place to eat, with a pretty nice interior too. 

mokjah food blog - the little pie 1

After a quick look around we got seated and took a look over the menu! The menu has maybe 2-3 things on it, a meat pie, chicken pie, and I think some nacho, plus you can add a bottomless soda for another 1 or 2 dollars. So it’s pretty minimal when it comes to choices, maybe they’ll add onto it as they gain popularity in the community, hopefully with some chips on the side, or some fresh buns. Anyway so we ordered one of each, me and my girlfriend, split half and half but I was just actually tasting to see which one I’d order again later….lol 

mokjah food blog - the little pie 2

First up was the beef pie, filled with chunks of meat onions and gravy, the pastry is always one of the key things when it comes to pies, crunchy flaky goodness, the pastry on this was awesome. Soon as we cut the pie in half the amazing smell hit the tips of our noses and when we dug in it was just as good as it smelled. Being from NZ I’m a pie lover for sure, this was definitely something tasty, could probably do with some cheese, or maybe more meat and less onions, but hey who am I kidding I’m just glad I got some pies in my belly and there’s somewhere close I can go for one when I feel. 

mokjah food blog - the little pie 3

Next up was the chicken pie, with mushrooms a creamy kinda sauce and that pastry! Not a huge fan of chicken pies myself, this one wasn’t too bad, could probably have done with some pepper for a little kick, or some more seasoning to give it a bit more taste. I’d probably stick with the Beef pie, for sure. 

mokjah food blog - the little pie 4

s All in all “The Little Pie” doesn’t disappoint in anyway, at $5 a pop it isn’t too bad considering there isn’t any other competition close by for pies, besides Braii but their pies sure aint $5 lol. Be sure to check out this place if your in the area, the inside is well decorated and there is enough space for a group of about 8-10 people to chill in if need be. The prices are reasonable, bottomless soda, and two helpful workers who were super nice and catering to our group! Don’t miss out! Happy Eating People

mokjah food blog - the little pie 5Thanks to my friends who came out to eat – Eating is always more fun when with good company ~ 

Directions: Head out Noksapyeong exit 2, walk all the way down till you get to the underpass and head to the otherside of the road, take the right hand side exit, and walk up the street till you see the Crazy people waiting in line for Churros, by Chan Bros coffee, take a left there and walk up for about a minute “The Little Pie” will be on your left ~ HAPPY EATING

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2 thoughts on “The Little Pie – Meat Pies (Kyungridang) *** / $

  1. Looks good, thanks for the post! Hope they can ease up on the onions , but I miss meat pies so much! The South African restaurant made good ones too, these look better tho.

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