Smoky Lovers – Southern style bbq and sandwiches ( ** / $$ )

Mokjah Food Blog - Smoky Lovers 2

It was perfect weather over the weekend, and so I gathered a few men from church and decided to go on my next food exploration, instagram had me stumble across this place through different itaewon tags and so I decided to check it out and see if it was any good. This place is located on the Hanganjin side, don’t really explore that end too much but might have to after seeing all the new spots down there. 

12081015_10153014226861809_649793595_nThe place itself is nice, big open doors to let in all the sunlight and fresh air, enough seating for groups of maybe 8-10 people, and small tables for couples and smaller groups too. We Sat down and took a look over the menu. 

Mokjah Food Blog - Smoky Lovers 3Being the meat eater that I am lol me and my friend decided to split a BBQ set which is kinda like a platter which was 29.000w and mentioned it was recommended for 2 people. It consisted of pulled pork, brisket OR bacon! The reason or is in caps was because it was a typo on their side, it’s definitely or and not AND lol so we thought we were getting 3 types of meat and not only 2. The pulled pork and bacon was really good, and so were the other sides, just don’t think 29,000w is worth only 2 meats especially when those are the sides that come out with it. The TWO’s deal over at Linus BBQ is more worth it in my opinion. Although tasty it definitely wasn’t enough food or value for money ~ So I’d say unless your a small eater then definitely go for this, but if your pretty hungry and you can eat a lot don’t order this one lol. 

Mokjah Food Blog - Smoky LoversMokjah Food Blog - Smoky Lovers 1The pulled pork sandwich and the brisket sandwich both looked super similar, the pulled pork though was served up with some mashed potato inside the sandwich which my friends noted as being a nice surprise in the sandwich itself. The pulled pork was tasty and the sauces complimented each meat sandwich, they also had them on the table, one which was a sweet bbq sauce and the other labelled as HOT but wasn’t too spicy at all. Overall my friends enjoyed their sandwiches, a nice light lunch, served up with a small hand full of fries, and by small I mean SMALL lol. You’ll definitely have to order some more sides with that one. 

Here’s a look at the entire menu, to see if their maybe something you’d wanna try, I would probably only stop by here if I’m down on that end and want something to eat, I wouldn’t make the trip purely based on the food. A light lunch, with some good things on the menu nothing amazing but nothing incredibly bad either! check em out if your around and looking for a bite to eat. 



From hangangjin station take exit 3, keep to your left walk for about 3minutes until you get to your third street take a left there, go down that street you should pass the churro cafe, then take your third right. Walk straight all the way to the end it should be on a corner on your left you can’t miss it. It’s right next to a cafe that looks like it has a pool inside. Check the link for a map view map



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