Star Burger – (Sangsu) *** / $

Mokjah food blog - Star burger

Always keeping an eye out for burger restaurants around Seoul, this place was brought to my attention through some friends who are always around the Sangsu area, they had mentioned that Star Burger was really good and easy on the wallet too. So of course it was my duty to get some people together and head on over to check em out! Mokjah food blog - Star burger Sangu 1

As you can see the menu is small and simple, keeping things to a minimum which is good, the restaurant itself isn’t too big, with a few wall seats and a table or two, also with a small table outside the front to sit around. After looking over the menu I decided to order a cheese burger with an added egg and bacon. My girlfriend ordered a regular cheese burger with bacon. We both made it a set and then took our seats to wait for our meal. 

Mokjah food blog - Star burger Sangu 3

This is my burger! The cheese burger with added fried egg and that oh so streaky crispy bacon! So this burger is a bit different from your Firebell or Brooklyn burgers, it’s more of a takeaway style burger, kinda like the ones you get back home from the markets or after the late nights out. The paddy was nicely charred, and a decent size, it’s just kinda hidden in this pic, you could always just get a double if you want something bigger. The bacon again, 2 big strips of crispy charred bacon, and the regular fillings lettuce tomato etc. The burgers at Star burger are solid, nothing overly amazing, but this place just does the BASICS RIGHT! Which can be a big ask sometimes in Korea. 

unnamed (6)This is what the paddy looks like for those of you interested – the chips here or french fries for those Americans lol go well with the burger and its late night takeaway taste, So yeah if your looking for a really well made burger that ticks off all the basics be sure to head over to Star burger in Sangsu and get a burger or two! 

unnamed (1)My friend mid bite into her burger hahahaha this is pretty much the size of the place, and my group of friends that went to check it out, surprisingly we didn’t wait too long for them to get all our burgers out, there were at least 10 of us all ordering at the same time. The burger came out hot and ready to eat. We took a seat outside, and dug into these awesome burgers! Happy Eating people


Head to Sangsu Station go out exit 1, walk straight for about 200m it will be on your right, check the top pic to see what the front of the store looks like! Super Easy! you can’t miss it! Enjoy! 


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