Jacks Bean Falafel – Hongdae (** / $$)



Finished up at church on a Saturday and was with a few friends, and decided to visit one of the places I had stock piled on my list was this place, Jacks Bean Falafel which I had found on instagram going through different tags of places to eat in Hongdae.  Got the map up and running and made our way over to the restaurant. It was located down an alley not to far off the main road, pretty easy to find, the place itself isn’t too big, could fit a group of 6-8 people comfortably if there isn’t a lot of people already inside. Anyway it smelt good, we grabbed a couple of menus and got seated. 

Mokjah food blog - Jacks Falafel

As per usual me and my girlfriend shared meals, she ordered the Falafel wrap (6,500w) and I ordered the Falafel Sandwich (4,800w) with the prices so cheap I knew that the size could be a problem, but we just waited to see how they would look when they came out. We also ordered the Chickpea cheese potato (4,800w) to add in some carbs lol. Also wanted to be somewhat full by the end of this meal so got this just in case the sandwich and falafel didn’t fill us up. 

Mokjah food blog - Jacks Falafel 3

This was the Falafel Sandwich kinda like a slider, packed with lettuce onion and tomato, as well as a light sauce think it was mayo but a bit more on the tangy side, the falafel itself was nice and crispy on the outside and packed a lot of flavour on the inside. The texture of the falafel gave it a nice crunch when biting down, and having two of them wasn’t too bad, could probably have eaten another two but hey at least they tasted good right! 

Mokjah food blog - Jacks Falafel 1

The falafel wrap, was a lot bigger than the sandwich and the falafel they used inside the wrap was a lot thicker than the sandwich, the only downfall was that since it was super thick, it was kind of hard to get a bit of everything when biting into the wrap, each bite was either a whole bunch of lettuce or a whole bunch of falafel. The crunch factor also wasn’t really there with this one, it being thicker it didn’t have that crunch the whole way through, only slightly. The taste was definitely on point though but for taste and texture points I’d go with the Sandwich. 

Mokjah food blog - Jacks Falafel 2

This was the Chickpea cheese potato, and yeah it’s basically what it’s called on the menu, this was delicious, carbs and cheese altogether, and oh man there was a lot of cheese haha I would have put some hot sauce on it to give it a kick,but other then that it’s everything you could imagine something with so much cheese to taste like! It was also nice and filling and I was eating it together with the wrap and the sandwich but that’s just me. 

Mokjah food blog - Jacks Falafel 5

Mokjah food blog - Jacks Falafel 4

Last up this was the hummus, pretty easy and straight forward nothing outstanding, only downfall is you gotta buy bread separately which I thought to be kinda silly. All in all this place is one of the better places I’ve had falafel at, the only other one I enjoyed was the ones by Coreanos over in Itaewon! The prices are awesome, for it’s size, yeah a little small but hey it’s so cheap you could just order 1 of each and fill up like that! Otherwise it’s a nice easy lunch, going light or trying to watch you figure, or your bank account for that matter, be sure to head here to get your fix! 


Head to Hongik Station go out exit 8 take your first right, go straight and take ur 2nd left at the round a bout follow that till you get to another round about and go right from there, walk straight up the hill towards I am a Burger if you take your 4th left then your first right you’ll see it on your left. Here’s a map hope it helps ~ lol it’s easier than it sounds haha



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