Brooklyn The Burger Joint – Sinsa ( *** / $$$ )

Wow it’s definitely been a long time since my last post! Sorry food lovers it’s been a pretty hectic month, that and I’ve been lazy! lol Anyway it’s all about the food so I’ll cut straight to it. Recently went to “Brooklyn the burger joint” in Sinsa with a few friends for our triple date haha, arrived around 8pm and had to wait for about 10-20min to get seated which was fine we just sat around and chatted, while looking at the menu! 

Onto the important stuff! the Burgers!!! It had been a long time since coming to Brooklyn burger my previous two experiences weren’t the best, but I decided to come back and give it another shot! 

1446593617333First up is my burger I ordered the C.R.E.A.M (Cheese Rules Everything Around Me) Sharp Cheddar, Bacon and Horseradish Mayonnaise, I got the 7oz meat patty and upgraded it to make it a set. Which worked out to be 11,8000w for the 7oz burger + 5,500w for the set. Man this burger was sooooooooooooo good, the cheese oozing out, the meat patty was juicy and held together well unlike my past experiences here. The bacon crispy and thick, and the bun was in tact the whole way through. Fries on the side were thick cut and golden brown, the whole set was delicious and the burger definitely up there with my favourite burgers in Seoul. 

1446593602555My girlfriend ordered the Burgherita, sun dried tomatoes, mozarella cheese, parmesan cheese  and chopped basil. she chose the 5oz burger patty and made it a set with the sweet potato fries, her order was 9,800w for the burger + 7500 including the drink. Her burger was okay for me, I wasn’t a fan of the sun dried tomatoes, maybe in a pizza, or a sandwich but not on a burger. The cheese was good and basil too but the tomatoes just stood out too much for me to enjoy ~ she liked it though, so I guess that’s all that matters haha glad we didn’t go half half lol. 

1446593611057Our friend ordered the Real Macoy, double american cheese, onion and bacon. The classic bacon cheese burger. She was happy with her burger, taste was good and she finished satisfied. Overall the burgers at Brooklyn burger were AWESOME! TASTY and good size, they also have a bunch of milkshakes flavours you can choose from and a bunch of side dish choices as well! 

I would rate Brooklyn Burger up there with some of the best burgers in Seoul!!! Be sure to check them out! They have two locations, this one was the Sinsa branch which is 24 hours and the other is close to the Express bus terminal in Gangnam. 

Directions: Head to Sinsa and go out Exit 8, walk straight till you get to the 4th street on your left, then turn down that road, take ur first right, and then your first left. you should be able to see Brooklyn burger from there. Feel free to call them on 02-54500718 if you have any questions. 

Map to Brooklyn Burger

Brooklyn burger sinsa maps



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