Taste of Los – Mexican Cuisine ( closed )

12109088_1644803325808470_826867611539732205_nTaste of Los, hasn’t been around for too long but the Chef there has been cooking up some solid Mexican cuisine in the Itaewon area for some time now. So I decided to check it out with some friends from my community group, we went over and was there a bit early, before open time, Chef D was kind enough to let us in and get seated while they continued to get ready for their evening service for dinner 

Mokjah food blog - taste of los 4We got seated and was greeted with some nacho and some side salsa which is always welcomed especially when it’s for free, it’s also always nice to snack on something when skimming through the menu and deciding what to order for dinner. The prices are decent here, what you would expect in the Itaewon area, ranging from about 8,000W and up depending on what you get. Mokjah food blog - taste of los 3Me and my girlfriend did the usual, order two things and then split it down the middle, or in this case spoonful for spoonful haha. These were the nachos, as you can see they are some decked out Nachos, packed with flavour and filled to the brim with ingredients. The Guac on top was fresh and the salsa all mixed together well, a dish huge on flavour and good value for money! Mokjah food blog - taste of los 2This is the Chicken Enchilada with a tomato green chili based dressing, Mmmmm beans and rice with cheese, I think for me personally this dish needed some crunch or something to make the texture a bit different.(Enchiladas are made to have that oven baked taste to bring out the softer side of the mexican dish as stated by the chef at Taste of Los 🙂 Good to know) Other then that the meal as a whole was tasty, the flavours were delicious, I’m not a huge Mexican food fan, or know what each dish should taste like but this one was definitely packed full of delicious flavours.Mokjah food blog - taste of Los 1Ah man these Taquitos I think that’s what they’re called were delicious, that cheese goodness mixed in with the beans and the crunchiness of the shell just went well together. This was probably my favourite dish of the three we ordered. I’d probably order this and the nachos next time to share, but overall the food here at Taste of Los is MONEY! big on taste huge on flavours, and the service and chef is top notch! Be sure to check them out to get your next Mexican Food Fix. 


If you head out of Itaewon station Exit 1 walk straight and take your 2nd right. You should up the hill and should pass Grill 5 taco on your left. Keep walking up the hill it’ll be on your left. Look for 1981 sign and the big wooden door, itll be downstairs. Otherwise head to Sugar daddys map its in the same building!!!! If in doubt head to their facebook page Taste of Los FB


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