Ginos NY Pizza – Itaewon ( ** / $$ )

Pizza!!! The new ish pizza joint on the block! Ginos NY style pizza, made a reservation over the weekend to visit there with some of the boys. We went in Saturday night around 8pm, walked into a full house, lol luckily we made a reservation, BUT the owner actually forgot to keep our tables hahaha he shuffled some people around and got us seated AND gave us our drinks ON THE HOUSE! now that’s some service! Well done Ginos appreciate it! 

Anyway lets talk food, Ginos offers up a wide range of pizza, including white pizza. Although we were told all of the white pizzas were out, so could only choose from the classic. No big deal just means I’ll have to go back next time to try it. On to the pizza! 

Mokjah food blog - Ginos PizzaThis was the NY supreme Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Bacon, Mushrooms, red onion, green peppers and black olives (37,000w for a large size) The pizza came out piping hot, was a decent sized slice once cup up and handed out. The cheese was oozing with all the ingredients, and was pretty good for a supreme pizza, would have like more toppings but that’s just me. The crust though was really good, kinda puffy not just a hump of bread at the end. A good pizza to cover all bases in terms of ingredients. 

Mokjah food blog - Ginos pizza 2

Mokjah food blog - Ginos Pizza 1These pizzas look the same but they aren’t lol we ordered the Pepperoni pizza (28,000w Large) and The Butcher which was Pepperoni, Sausage and Bacon (35,000w Large). Out of the 2 my favourite would be the butcher mainly because I just like a good meat pizza, no greens just meats and cheese haha so yeah I’d order this again, Pepperoni was okay, if only it had more pepperoni. All in all the pizzas were pretty good, but I think I still go with the pizza from Maddux so far, will come back and try the white pizza next time.  

The other reason is because usually after 2 slices at Maddux im full, 3 at Ginos and i could have probably eaten another one. All in All the atmosphere is awesome, good service, pizza was tasty but maybe not filling in my opinion. Will have to come back for another round of white pizzas. Here;s the menu for those interested. 

mokjah food blog - ginos pizza 4


Head to Itaewon station go out exit 1 and walk straight for about 5-7 minutes you should pass the nike store and KEB bank on your way, there will be a slight hill on your right go up that way head pass the CU and Ginos NY pizza will be on your left 2nd floor, right by Coreanos. For reservations call 02-792-2234 especially if your going on the weekend. Happy Eating! 


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