A little about me and why i started this blog ~

A little about me…

I’m originally from New Zealand, been in South Korea for about 3 years now as an English teacher, lived in Cheongju for two years and then moved to Icheon in Gyeongido.

Why did i decide to start writing a food blog?

Well I eat out enough, and try to always eat something good when im on the move, wether it be up in Seoul in Busan or wheverelse in Korea I end up, going to try and keep this updated, and hopefully it helps out people enough or gives them a little insight into the food their going to eat, or some info on where they want to eat

Either way, it’s just me and my food adventures, so i’ll be learning along the way also 🙂

my url means to eat eat eat ~ and the title of my blog is called “Mokjah” previously Nom Nation Korea, figured i needed something shorter and something more related to korea and eating lol so my girlfriend came up with the idea of calling it “Mokjjah” which means lets eat! lol so I found it pretty fitting anyways heres to the food adventures to come woooohooo ~

Thanks for reading

Peace lol


2 thoughts on “A little about me and why i started this blog ~

  1. I like your blog and I like how you’ve had a number experiences ( who visits Cheongju!) in different locations. I wanted to ask if you would be interested in a potential collaboration with a small travel startup?.

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