Pho For You – Kyunridang ( *** / $ )

Mokjah food blog - pho for you

Man has it been awhile or has it been awhile, lol well it’s been winter so I’ve been in hibernation mode or just plain old laziness haha whichever it was don’t worry I’m back with some more food updates for whoever is hungry. Im currently in the process of moving into Haebongchon which means more food post wooohoo but for now here’s one for all the Pho Lovers out there. Pho for you is the new Pho spot in Kyrungridang, serving up some San Fran style Pho. So me and some friends went to check it out the other night for dinner! 

Mokjah food blog - pho for you 1The place is nice, good for small groups or couples, or even dining alone. We got seated and given menus, sitting down and seeing all the sauces on the table and the smell of pho in the air haha we got to ordering real quick.  Mokjah food blog - pho for you 6

Mokjah food blog - pho for you 3

Mokjah food blog - pho for you 5

Mokjah food blog - pho for you 4

Me and my girlfriend decided to order the Cho Gio (fried spring rolls 6,000w 8 pieces) Beef bun Bo (Vermecelli Noodles and Salad 10,000w) and Yang ji Sal Guk su (Beef noodle soup with well done brisket 8,000w).

We started on the spring rolls, which were nice and crispy, I enjoyed them but my girlfriend said it wasn’t the legit egg roll wraps they normally use, but still I enjoyed em lol. The Vermecilli noodle dish was tasty with a whole bunch of super skinny noodles, it was a super large serving IMO but could have used a little more meat. Still refreshing but something I would probably get in Summer. Finally the PHO ~ I’ve had pho in Vietnam and also home made pho from a Vietnamese family in Cali, this pho was pretty tasty, not quite the long hours of broth brewed but still none the less pretty good.

If you don’t compare to the BEST pho you ever had then this one is definitely something I would order again ~ The serving sizes are pretty good, the price is cheap, so if you wanna get you PHO fix definitely head to PHO for you! Happy Eating people! 

Mokjah food blog - pho for you 2

p.s Always take friends to eat with it makes the meal that much better haha plus you get to try other peoeples food and get a bit more of whats available on the menu! lol Thanks Frandzzz! 


Head to Noksapyeong station and head out of exit 2 walk straight all the way down till you get to the underground walkway, go under and come up on the other side you should be opposite the CVS convenient store, cross over and walk straight all the way up the hill it’ll be right next to paco loco. Their hours are 10:30am to 10:30pm everyday. If you have any questions you can call them on 02-749-8947.

Map to Pho for you



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