Brick Oven New York Pizza – Gangnam ** / $$$

2014-04-11 22.35.11


My usual trip to Seoul on a Friday evening usually involved getting dinner with my girlfriend and whoever is free to hang out and grab some grub. Originally we planned to eat at a Thai spot in Gangnam but the closed the kitchen around 9:30 which was kinda early but no biggie so my other friend suggested we hit up Brick oven pizza not too far from where we were so thought sure why not ~ so we made our way over

2014-04-11 21.34.12

After scanning the menu we decided to go with the half a GodFather and Half Chicken and pesto (for an extra 4,000w you can get a half half pizza) also since there was 4 of us we decided to get the party sized pizza. Mmmmm I had read on another blog that the chicken and pesto pizza was delicious so i kinda pushed for that one plus i love spinach and feta on anything so it was a must, and then let the others pick the other half of the pizza ~

2014-04-11 21.34.21

We ordered a side of Garlic Romano fries to go with our pizza, the fries came out first and man were they amazing ~ the aroma of the garlic hit our noses as soon as it was placed down on table, and man the taste did not disappoint either ~ the garlic flavor exploded on first bite, and yeah those chips didn’t last too long i was ready to order another batch but decided to be patient ~ A decent portion of fries also for the price, but man those were some good fries ~ i’d definitely recommend ordering some if you end up at this place.

2014-04-11 21.40.19


After demolishing our fries, the pizza soon came out with a small waitress lady tucked somewhere behind the huge platter the pizza came out on, it was HUGE lol so yeah you could imagine how happy we were when this huge beast of a pizza came down in front of us, just to give you an idea i’ll just throw the picture up here and explain after you see how big it is ~

2014-04-11 21.50.29 2014-04-11 21.51.28

The slices worked out perfectly, 8 in this huge pizza, and enough to satisfy me that’s fo sure, the portion sizes were very generous, I can honestly say it was good enough for how much you pay, filled with enough topping to satisfy anyone. As for taste, we started on the Godfather half of the pizza, for me personally it was “okay” had enough toppings but just lacking that kinda salami ham bacon ish taste i was hoping for from a Godfather pizza. It came out hot and and oozing with cheese which is a plus on any pizza for me, as for the Chicken and Pesto, it was good as I imagined it, i love Feta cheese and it had more than enough, their was alot of chicken throughout the pizza, overall smelled and tasted amazing, i would definitely get the Pesto chicken again. The pizza wasn’t as “deep dished” as i thought it would be, maybe i missed somewhere on the menu the types of pizzas u could order or that was just their version of it, I was happy with what we ordered including the fries and would definitely come back here, price wise i’d say it’s worth it, 15,000w each two big slices of pizza and some delicious garlic fries, yes please i would come back here again

For more information: Address 617-4, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Phone: 02-509-1325/Hours 11:30am – 10:30pm

or check out their facebook page:



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