Manimal Smoke House - Mokjah Food BlogThe Manimal Smoke house, so I finally got around to checking out Manimal Smoke House over in Itaewon, I had heard about it from a few friends, and seen posts of it around facebook and instagram. It was on the list, and managed to check it out with a group of friends. We went on a Saturday around 3pm which I was surprised that there were still seats left for us. We were about a group of 10, we went in and they seated us, enough room for us all luckily. 

Manimal Smoke House - Mokjah Food Blog 1The place has enough seating for maybe a big group and a bunch of smaller groups, there’s also seating along the wall closer to the window where couples can sit I guess. When you walk in you can see the huge smoker in the corner, where all the magic happens! Anyways on to the menu and the food ~ 

Manimal Smoke House - Mokjah Food Blog 4

We went during lunch so the Brisket wasn’t available only for dinner sadly, so I went halves with my friend she got the chicken, and I ordered the pulled pork, Wasn’t really in the mood for ribs, but I knew someone else would order them and I’d be able to get a taste of someone’s lol. We got one of our meals as a set which included the honey butter rolls and we ordered the Chipotle Lime Potato salad. More carbs? sure, haha the staff are super helpful and they recommended the chicken, so we ordered up and waited for our food. 

Manimal Smoke House - Mokjah Food Blog 3So our meal came out on the same platter, luckily we were sitting together or close so we could eat off the same platter, wasn’t sure if they knew we were sharing, but that’s how it came out, surprise lol. There was a good portion of pulled pork, and a really big portion of chicken, more than I would have imagined but hey I’ll never complain about having ample amounts of meat right, lol so yeah we dug in. The pulled pork, was really juicy and tender, I like mine salty so it could have used some more salt haha but I just cut through some bread roll and piled it on in there with some of the chipotle potatoes, and a little extra sauce to add. I kinda wish they would have their own sauces on the table kinda like how Linus has there sauce for specific meats. 

The chicken though! THIS CHICKEN WAS THE WINNER lol man it was juicy tender and tasty from beginning to end, I thought it would be somewhat dry while eating it, but nope it was juicy the whole way through, the bbq sauces lathered on the outside is a winner too, not too tangy, but just right, kinda enhances the flavours of the chicken. I would order this over everything else at this place so far. I tried the BBQ Pork Rib, and would still choose the chicken. The side chipotle salad is nothing speical, the honey butter rolls are good to mix up the tastes. Overall a satisfying meal, definitely order the chicken over anything else if your there for lunch! 

Manimal Smoke House - Mokjah Food Blog 5They also have drink specials, which change up depending on the season, and a whole Angus beef rib if meat is your thing and the menu stuff isn’t appealing enough be sure to load up on this and get your moneys worth. Manimal the experience this time round, was worth it just because of the chicken, which is surprising, I wont make my final judgement until I try there brisket. But it’s always good to have another BBQ spot in the Won to compete with and to keep up with the number of people looking for somewhere to eat these days. 

Directions: Head over to Itaewon Station go out Exit 1, walk straight until you pass the Korean Exchange Bank (KEB) on your right there will be a small hill going up to the right, you want to take that hill and keep going up, Manimal will be on your right on the 2nd floor above Yona Yona burger. 

manimal smoke house directions **UPDATED PHOTO FROM MANIMAL SMOKEHOUSE**

The Ribs and the FOREVER AMAZING CHICKEN lol yep it’s still all there be sure to head on over and check them out!

Mokjah Food Blog - Manimal Smokehouse

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