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Mokjah food blog - Sid Burger

Burger places seem to be popping up all over town these days, but finding the good ones are always the problem, Sid burger is becoming a well known name on the burger radar here in Seoul, so had to head on over and see if all the rumours were true, apparently SID makes some really good burgers, I was about to find out for myself. Like I usually do I gathered a bunch of friends and headed on over to City Hall station which is where SID burger is located. It’s fairly easy to find and I’ll throw a map at the bottom with directions ~ 

Mokjah food blog - Sid Burger 6

They have a good range of burgers on the menu, as well as a sandwich and a variation of fries to choose from. A beers on offer, and the regular soft drinks on most menus. We sat down took a look over, and from a lot of recommendations I decided to go with the “Crispy Pork Belly and Egg”, my girlfriend ordered “The Southwestern” At Sid burger you have the option of choosing one regular burger size, or two sliders. I chose to stick with the regular just because I think it’s bigger, but to be honest who knows right? haha anyways onto the burgers! 

Mokjah food blog - Sid Burger 4

Yes this is the slider option of the Crispy pork belly and egg, my apologies haha I totally forgot to take pics of my own burger, but anyway here’s a run down of the burger. The burger itself has a well cooked and seasoned meat patty, on top of that is the mouth watering deep fried pork belly, in all it’s fatty goodness, and then a perfectly cooked egg, with just the right amount of yolk pouring out into the burger itself. That’s all topped with ssamjjang aoili, different, but really tasty, I love Ssamjjang on anything so it was a winner in my books! I demolished my burger and was reluctant to share it with my girlfriend, but you gotta do what you gotta do right haha. 

Mokjah food blog - Sid Burger 2Mokjah food blog - Sid Burger 3Next up was the “SouthWestern” garlic horse raddish mayo, beef patty, cheeder/pepperjack cheese, bacon, onion rings, bbq sauce. Don’t think burgers get anymore south western than that haha but what do I know I’m from New Zealand haha I only got to taste it anyways and this burger wasn’t lacking anything. Kinda like a rodeo of flavours, the cheese in this was really good, the bacon cooked to a crisp but soft texture, and just a solid tasting burger all round. Would still lean in favour of the pork belly and egg burger though, but that’s just me, my girlfriend enjoyed her burger very much. 

Mokjah food blog - Sid Burger 5

Sitting amongst all the burgers, after finishing mine and realizing how much time I don’t have these days to always try new places, I decided my stomach could fit in some more and ordered another set of sliders, but this time I went halves with my friend. We ordered the “Chilli Bomb” burger garlic horseradish mayo, beef patty, cheedar and pepperjack cheese, chilli and mustard. The perfect size, and the chilli didn’t spill over onto the plate as I thought it would. The chilli wasn’t too spicy and the mustard gave it some yummy flavours mixed in with the chilli. These lil chilli bomb burgers were just that, a good kick with a delicious patty and some horseradish mayo and onions. I’d put this one down to eat again for sure! 

Mokjah food blog - Sid Burger 1

Finally the Sid Burger, garlic horseradish Mayo, jalapeño, relish, cheddar/pepperjack cheese, Linus BBQ pork, Linus BBQ Sauce, apple bacon coleslaw. YUP you read that right, pulled pork from LINUS BBQ! and pairing that with the meat patty, along with the apple bacon slaw GAME OVER, definitely a recipe for one seriously tasty burger. I only had a taste of this since it wasn’t mine haha but I think next time round I will be ordering one of these bad boys and I’ll most likely just get a big burger of it! So yes the namesake burger definitely lives up to the hype and can sit nicely on the menu after being the burger restaurants signature burger. 

All in all the Sid burger restaurant definitely lived up to the hype, and I can see it picking up possibly getting a spot of it’s own somewhere, but for now head on over and check it out. Directions below 🙂 

Mokjah food blog - Sid Burger mapSo head to City Hall station exit 10, walk straight out until you pass a GS25 and a paris baguette store, swing a right then and walk straight, it will be on your left. It’s inside a building called over the dish which is like a food court, Sid Burger is inside, be sure to check it out and get your burger fix! 

3A big shoutout to my friends who like to eat too! haha makes for more pictures and more food adventures! thanks!








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