YOYO Fresh Tea Bar – Tea Beverages (Hapjeong) *** / $$

Mokjah food blog - YoYo Fresh Tea bar

So me and my girlfriend frequent around Hapjeong a lot and we always see this cafe, it’s never really full but they have some interesting interior seating on display, lol as you can see in the pic above they have these swing like chairs scattered around the room, they have regular chairs too but these ones are the eye catchers. So we thought why not head in and check it out, we were looking for somewhere quiet to chill for an hour or two anyway. 

Mokjah food blog - YoYo Fresh Tea bar 1 Mokjah food blog - YoYo Fresh Tea bar 2The swing chairs vary, but there are about 3-4 sets of different swinging chairs you can sit at, but they also have the regular tables and chairs as well for those people who aren’t as adventurous haha. Anyways onto the drinks, not expecting much we went up to the counter and placed our orders, I’ve had the peach yoghurt smoothie here, and the melon shake. The peach yoghurt smoothie was delicious, it had fresh chunks of fruit it it too, the melon drink, was too sweet for me lol. My girlfriend ordered the earl grey milk tea, which was really tasty, because they use real tea it definitely makes a big difference in taste. They offer Classic Milk tea, Cold teas, bubble teas and a few extravagant flavour combinations also. Be sure to check em all out ~ 

Mokjah food blog - YoYo Fresh Tea bar 3

So if your looking for a nice lil quiet cafe in Hapjeong, stop by here and get a drink or two, swing on the chairs, put your feet up and relax! for more info check out their website YoYo Fresh Tea bar

Directions: Take the subway to Hapjeong station and head out exit 5, take the first right and head down that street, and follow the road without turning. Head down about 3-4 blocks and you’ll see yoyo cafe on your right can’t miss it, it’s close to the end of the street. 

yoyo fresh tea bar - mokjah food blog 1



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