Cali Kitchen Grand Opening – California Inspired Cuisine

11227600_510209522462979_7980425578299825478_nIts been a long time coming, the creator and chef of Chucks Table has finally opened up a store in the area and is having his grand opening this weekend. Wanting to bring that taste of him “Cali” style to Seoul he’s opened up his lil spot in the Kyungridang area, and is looking to help people satisfy their cravings with his food! 

The specials for the weekend are 

  • 2,000w off all beer 
  • 3,000w off all Cali Sized Items 
  • Ribeye Steak dinner limit to 25 people ( so get in quick if your craving some rib eye

Here’s a look at the menu and what will be on offer at Cali Kitchen


So if your in the area, or just hungry for some burgers, chilli or anything else on the menu be sure to on over to Cali Kitchen to check out what’s on offer you won’t be disappointed. I will have a full review coming out ASAP in the meantime this is just a heads up for you to get in there before the lines turn into the Churro lines hahaha Enjoy peoples! Happy Eating! 


Directions from Noksapyong Station

1.Take exit 3, GO LEFT, Cross to island and cross street again.

2.Walk a little LEFT and there will be green Maeul bus stop.

3.Take Maeul Bus 용산 03. (If you go to the Lexus dealer, you went too far.)

4.Three stops later up Kyunglidan 경리단, you will get off at 성도약국.

5.Moonwalk (walk backwards) and you will see a 7 Eleven
Moonwalk a bit more and you will see an alley that goes up…
FOLLOW THE SUN to see CALI Kitchen. It is LEFT of SEOUL Honey Company.





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