Fat Cat – American Diner (Haebongchon) ** / $$

Mokjah Food Blog - Fat Cat HBC 1Fat cat formerly known as Cafe good to go has changed up again and is now called FAT CAT. I had seen this place as it was going through its transformation phase, from cafe good to g o to what it is now. It was a Sunday morning, and I was in need of a salad lol the previous day I ate burgers for breakfast lunch and dinner so you can see why I was on the hunt for a healthy breakfast lol. I walked in at about noon, there were a few free tables, but the atmosphere inside was nice, that of a nice brunch place, people chatting away and coffee brewing. 

Mokjah Food Blog - Fat Cat HBC 3I sat down and took a quick look over the menu, staying well away from the burgers I was tossing up which salad to go for, between the Mediterranean salad and the Ricotta cheese salad. Mmmm I really enjoy the cranberries and ricotta and is usually my go to salad in other places so I decided to get this one. 

Mokjah Food Blog - Fat Cat HBCMy Ricotta salad came out with huge dollops of ricotta cheese on the top and a good amount of almonds walnuts and cranberries. This didn’t look like too much start with but with two bread rolls and some dressing to pour over the top I found myself slowly getting full after each bite. Surprisingly this was really filling, mind you I am by no means a big eater, but this was pretty filling. Tasty from beginning to end, and like I said they didn’t hold back with any of the ingredients, I’d definitely come back here to try some of the other things on the menu! For now this will do, till net time FAT CAT Happy Eating people! 

Directions: Take the Subway to Noksapyeong and head out exit 2, walk straight down and stick to your left hand side of the foot path keep going past the kimchi pots until you head further up the street, you’ll see Bonnys Pizza on the corner, Fat Cat will be opposite there. If you have any questions give them a call on 02-797-2970 – Map provided below! 

Mokjah Food Blog - Fat Cat HBC 4


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