The Beastro – American Beastro (Hongdae) *** – $$$

So there’s always a few places I have on my list that I need to visit at some point, and this place was one of them. Beastro had been making a name for themselves, with their delicious food, awesome decor, and just for having a high standard all round. So I figured why not go there with my girlfriend for our 2 year anniversary. It’s pretty easy to locate, anyone who can read maps should be able to find it lol 

Mokjah Food Blog - The Beastro 5We were seated on the top floor, they had recently renovated the roof area and now it was covered and made a nice atmosphere, definitely a spot for date night lol brownie points? I think so….hahahha anyways we got seated by the two waiters who were on hand at all times, and answered all the questions we had about the menu etc, they were super helpful and really welcoming during our dinner there. So we took a look over the list and decided on a few times. 

Mokjah Food Blog - The Beastro 3Mokjah Food Blog - The Beastro 2Some starters, think it was a peanut butter marmalade jam, me and my girlfriend split these, the jam was nice and smooth from the peanut butter but had a slight tang to it. We both enjoyed these little balls of bread and the spread to go with it, a nice way to start the night off. We also ordered the Chimmichurri fries, which were okay, i would have like the chips hotter, they came out pretty warm, but not hot. Though they were some good chips! 

Mokjah Food Blog - The BeastroI ordered the 24 hour hanger steak, Slow-cooked hanger steak, Beef fat potatoes and onion mustard gravy. The steak portion size for starters was awesome, a decent amount of meat, it was really juicy and tender, not usually how I have my steaks but it made up for in taste. The gravy was tasty and the potatoes accompanied everything well. I do prefer my steaks hot though, this one came out maybe room temp, but that’s how it’s cooked, so no complaints there. Would I order this again? maybe to share, but not as my main, as I mentioned earlier, I just love a good steak too much to slow cook it like this lol. 

Mokjah Food Blog - The Beastro 1My girlfriend ordered the Southern Fried Chicken platter, it came with mash potatoes, house baked biscuit hot honey and bagna cauda. Sounds fancy right? well basically fried chicken some mash bread and some sauce haha to put it simply. Lets start with the star of the dish, the fried chicken, the batter on this is amazingly tasty, has a nice crunch too it, and wasn’t too oily inside. Each piece was succulent and went down well with the fluffy mash. The cornbread was okay….I still haven’t had an amazing cornbread, and the sauce was nice to dip the chicken into. Not to sure what it was, the names too fancy lol but hey it went down well so no complaints here. Mokjah Food Blog - The Beastro 4The bar area the next floor down, had a lot of choices, and the Beastro’s known for its delicious cocktails, we didn’t sample any this night but may have to come back for a few drinks to start off a night out with friends. There’s a ton of seating at this place, but I think pretty soon you’ll have to start making reservations for a seat. The food is delicious, clean and a treat for the taste buds. Makes for a good night out if you get the roof top seats in the evening, or even a dinner for a bunch of friends who want something good to eat, away from the usual burgers and fries. Be sure to check out Beastro, I think recently their menu had changed up a bit and from the looks of it things have gotten a bit cheaper, better for us right! HAPPY EATING PEOPLE! 

for more info be sure to check out their website for hours, reservations and menu options The Beastro


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